September 3rd, 2011


Турецкий ларчик

Using Turkish naval vessels to escort ships carrying aid to Palestine and observing free navigation in the zone between the island of Cyprus and Israel are among the plans set to be implemented, sources said, adding that Turkish war ships would be more frequently seen in the area.

The zone described by Turkish sources has been the subject of a recent diplomatic struggle between Turkey and Greek Cyprus over the latter’s project to start drilling natural gas reserves. Greek Cyprus and Israel recently agreed to jointly initiate the drilling with the participation of some American companies.

Turkey sees the gas-exploration deal as an agreement between two hostile countries against Turkey and has urged both parties not to get involved in such a project before a solution is found to the Cyprus issue in order to preserve the stability of the eastern Mediterranean.

флешмоб :) я не иду к Дафни на Ротшильд слушать песни Авива Гефена

dixi :)

Надеюсь, что эта демонстрация окончательная и наши акулы пера и микрофона найдут себе пищу повкуснее - интерны, Эрдоган, черный сентябрь и тд...

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