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Кстати, вот как к тим событиям относится иранский официоз:

Does Russian Belligerence Favor Iran?

What does Russia’s invasion of Georgia have to do with our country? Well, possibly a great deal.

First and foremost, it has taken the Iran nuclear crisis off the frontpages of newspapers and headlines of the international media.

Secondly, as tensions between Russia on the one side and the West on the other escalate, it puts the Iranian atomic standoff in perspective. The United States and Europe have described the Islamic Republic as the “greatest threat to world peace and security” over the allegation that Tehran is attempting to build a nuclear bomb (an accusation which neither the IAEA nor US-EU have ever managed to corroborate).

To call America’s angry, biased, threatening and reactionary rhetoric on Iran overblown would be an understatement.

If Iran is the “greatest threat to world peace and security” what should Russia be called?

Iran  has not invaded another country for nearly three centuries, doesn’t have nuclear weapons and adamantly insists it is not developing one out of religious convictions, while Russia possesses the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction in the world (nearly 7,000 nuclear bombs plus an substantial quantities and stockpiles of chemical & biological weapons). Moreover, Moscow has always had and continues to have (as demonstrated in its recent aggression against Georgia) a propensity and penchant for invading other countries.

In any event, the cooling of relations between the West and Putin’s Russia could have other unintended positive consequences for Iran. It makes the enforcement of already ratified sanctions against Tehran more challenging, difficult and harder to implement, and, moreover, significantly reduces the chances of consensus among the veto-wielding UN Security Council powers for the imposition of a fourth round of punitive measures against our nation.

However, one should always keep in mind that the world turns on a dime. Two weeks ago no one could have predicted a reawakened imperialistic Russia dwarfing all other international geopolitical concerns and there is no telling what the future might bring. Even though one hopes the Western-Russian friction proves advantageous for Iran, it is important to emphasize that snapshot perception of events is often incomplete and at times downright false.


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