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Durban II Conference agains racism

Где бы найти список стран-участниц. а особенно те 27 покинувшие зал, когда злобный талыш опять погнал на нас.
Единственными официальными представителями Европы, дослушавшими речь Ахмадинеджада до конца, стали дипломаты Швейцарии, Ватикана, Норвегии, России и Украины.
MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD, President of Iran, said over the last centuries, humanity had gone through tremendous sufferings and pains. Had lessons been learned from these oppressions, horrors and the crimes of the two World Wars, there would have been a ray of hope for the future. The victorious powers called themselves the conquerors of the world, while ignoring or down-treading the rights of other nations by the imposition of oppressive laws and arrangements. Following World War Two,
many proponents of racism resorted to military aggression to make an entire nation homeless, on the pretext of Jewish sufferings and the ambiguous and dubious question of the holocaust. They helped to bring to power the most cruel and repressive racists in Palestine. It was all the more regrettable that a number of Western Governments and the United States had committed themselves to defend these racist perpetrators of genocide, while the awakened conscience and free-minded people of the world condemned the Zionist crimes of aggression, carnage and other brutalities of bombardments of civilians in Gaza. So long as Zionist domination continued, many countries, Governments and nations would never be able to enjoy freedom, independence and security.
What were the root causes of United States attacks against Iraq or the invasion of Afghanistan, Mr. Ahmadinejad asked. For a long time, inequitable economic regulations had been imposed by political powers on the international economy, with a financial and a monetary system imposed without proper international oversight mechanisms. Racism was rooted in lack of knowledge concerning the truth of human existence as the selected creature of God. Racism was the symbol of ignorance which had deep roots in history, and was indeed a sign of frustration in developments of human society. It was
therefore crucially important to trace the manifestations of racism in situations or in societies where ignorance or lack of knowledge prevailed. The international community should initiate collective moves to raise awareness in the afflicted societies, where ignorance of racism still prevailed, so as to bring a halt to the spread of these malicious manifestations.
Today the human community was facing a kind of racism which had tarnished the image of humanity.
World Zionism personified racism that falsely resorted to religion and abused religious sentiments to hide hatred and ugly faces. Boycotting such a session as this was a true indication of supporting the blatant example of racism. The world was going through fundamental changes. Power relations had
become weak and fragile, and the sound of cracks in the pillars of world oppression could now be heard. The inequitable and unjust management of the world was now at the end of the road. This deadlock was inevitable since the logic of this imposed management was oppressive. Western
liberalism, like communism, had reached its end, since it had failed to perceive the truth of the world.
It was absolutely possible to improve the existing situation in the world, but this could be only achieved through the cooperation of all countries in order to get the best out of the existing capacities of the world.
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